White Glove Moving Services

Shuttle Moving offers white glove moving services in North York, and is composed of a team of trained, qualified, and experienced movers, including white glove experts specially trained and experienced in fulfilling even the most tedious moving projects. Our white glove moving experts cater to North York region as well as the Greater Toronto Area, and they always ensure they provide a luxurious, hassle-free, and memorable moving experience. Whether you’re moving from an exclusive building, or have a collection of priceless pieces and furnishings such as artwork, artifacts, sculptures, vintage instruments and designer furniture, connect with us today, learn about our white glove moving service and allow our experts to handle your high end moving project!

Attention to anonymity and privacy

Your privacy is a top priority for our movers. By utilizing our white glove moving services, Shuttle Moving will ensure your move is anonymous, from start to finish. From our discrete moving trucks, to our silent moving practices, Shuttle Moving understands the scope of work that comes with moving in and out of a luxury building.

High Quality Protection & Safety Measures

  • Pristine blankets are utilized to protect your valuable furniture, and belongings
  • Double-layer boxes are leveraged for maximum protection, preventing broken or damaged belongings
  • Dust covers are included to ensure that your items arrive in a clean, and tidy fashion
  • Custom wood crating is offered for your most delicate and special pieces

Valuation and Coverage

Shuttle Moving provides an insightful breakdown of the valuation pertaining to your luxury moving project. We will work directly with you, in collaboration, to assess the scope of the project, and address any damages with a solution focused approach. We also offer insurance, covering the value of your move ensuring an additional layer of safety.

Discrete and Silent Moving Experience

  • No-noise tape is used to ensure excess noise is prevented during all hours
  • Headsets are provided to our white-glove moving experts to ensure no one is yelling or shouting
  • We ensure we make as little noise as possible, through careful and detailed planning we come up with the most noise sensitive action plan

Moving with Shuttle Moving

Shuttle Moving prides itself on the quality of service and long-standing customer experience we’ve been providing to the residents, and businesses of North York, and the Greater Toronto Area. Our company and staff value all of the principles of a professional moving company, it has shaped us to be who we are today.

No matter the moving services you’re looking for, our team of experts does it all!

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White Glove Moving Services
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